Brett freshens up his ghia’s inner arches and lower front panel

21 Jun

After tidying up the engine bay on his ghia Brett decided the next area to get some attention should be the front inner arches which weren’t looking great. They had been under sealed in the past and this had chipped and flaked in places which not only looked bad but left water traps. All of this under seal was stripped off and the inner arches and inner wings were prepped and painted. Whilst the beam was out Brett gave this a coat of paint too. Seeing as the car was in the air he decided to sort out the lower front panel which needed a bit of work. There was some rot on the one side and some big cracks in the filler from a previous repair at some point in the car’s life. The rot was cut out and fresh metal welded in and all the old filler was dug out. The panel then got a skim of new filler and was prepped, painted and blended. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

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