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Paul gets his late beetle through an MOT ready for Bug Jam 26

28 Aug

In early July the decision was made and race was on for Paul to get his late beetle ready for Bug Jam 26 on July 20 2012. He had got a long way with the build but there was still several big jobs to do before he could get it rolling to the MOT station. It needed the engine to be rebuilt, fitted and set up, the wings and bumpers to be refitted, brakes bled and tested, some clearance issues sorted for the new wheels and some of the wiring loom rewired to name a few. Paul worked hard through the next few weeks with the help of the other RSVP boys, staying out in the garage into the late hours of the nights. A break through had been made by the weekend before Bug Jam and the engine was back in and it was ready for a test run. But disaster struck as Paul started up the engine and an oil leak instantly appeared. The beetle was rolled back into the garage and the thought of making Bug Jam seemed impossible.

The next day Paul decided both him and the beetle could still make it and started a mad charge to get it sorted. He spent that evening pulling out the engine on his own and locating the oil leak to the oil cooler seals. New seals were fitted and with the RSVP boys round to help the engine was then put back into the car. Paul started it up and the oil leak had gone. The timing and the carb were both set up and Paul took it for a quick spin to see how it ran. The beetle ran great so Paul set to work to get all the little finishing touches done. After cancelling his MOT slot earlier in the week Paul’s local MOT station luckily had a slot available the day before Bug Jam. The thought then crossed Paul’s mind of how he was going to get such a low car on to the mot station ramps. He remembered that Brett had some 4 stud rivieras that his ghia came on which had some full profile tyres fitted. Brett pulled them out of his garage and they were fitted to the beetle along with the adjusters on the beam being set to maximum height. With the help of some wood blocks the Beetle rolled on the ramp and flew through it’s MOT. Paul then got it home swapped the wheels back over to the 2 litres, lowered the front ride height back down and reset the tracking. He could now relax knowing that in the morning he would be able to enjoy the cruise and a well deserved weekend away at Bug Jam 26. (Photos copyright RSVP)

Paul makes some progress on his late beetle project

5 Jul

Paul has been busy with his late beetle over the last few weeks. It’s a good genuine 1 owner from new car but it needed a bit of tlc. Brett started off the welding work patching up the front inner wing and sill and welding in a new washer bottle recess. Colin then completed the welding work it needed patching up the rear inner wings and welding in a new rear body mount. Paul then went round seam sealing and painting all the repairs ready to get going with sorting the stance. He had already got his custom 7″ narrowed beam from the visit to the Slamwerks open day so the stock beam needed to come off to make way. The original beam bolts proved to be quite stubborn with one snapping off but paul drilled this out and rectified the problem. Paul and Brett then re-drilled and shortened his leaves ready for the new beam to be built up. Paul put it all together and gave it a fresh coat of paint before fitting it to the car. The rear was then dropped 2 inner splines (although Paul does want to go lower) and the spring plates were notched to give clearance. Paul’s wheel of choice for his car were porsche 2 litres. He had sold a set of American Eagle 2 litres a year or so ago but knew that the new owner had not fitted them to a car. He contacted him and struck a deal to buy them back knowing they would finish the look of the car. There are still a few things to be done before the MOT but Paul hopes to have the car rolling to a show very soon. (Photos copyright Paul Pace)

Paul’s new late beetle project

4 May

After selling his 61 beetle to fund moving house (growing up sucks) Paul has been itching to get another air-cooled car. This 70 came up for sale from fellow RSVP member Pete and Paul decided to snap it up. He couldn’t have picked a worse day of weather for collecting it but on a very rainy evening a few of the RSVP joined him to trailer it back home. It needs quite a bit of work but Paul already has plans for both stance and wheel choice and has set himself a deadline for it to be finished ready to roll to a few shows this summer. The last picture in this post is a quick photoshop by Steve to give an idea of how it may look. (Photos copyright RSVP)

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