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Steve’s 63 Ghia video

2 Apr

Steve makes some progress on his ghia project

5 Jul

When Steve got his 63 ghia and had a good look around it he noticed that the paint was not an original vw colour and it had been painted with a brush or roller. His first thought was that the original colour must be under there so he set about uncovering the original paint. He started with a small patch and after going through a few layers of paint he found the original polar blue. The decision was then made to get the whole car back to it’s original paint and any section that either had filler or was bare metal could be blended in. whilst doing this Steve also decided that he should get the body off the floor pan and get the welding it needed done. The rest of the RSVP boys came round to help lift the ghia body and sit it on some wooden beams in the garage so the floor pan could be rolled in and out. Brett went round and got the welding started by putting in a nos front panel which Steve then skimmed with filler and primed. Pete and Steve then tested the the 1600 engine that came with the car. It hadn’t been started for a few years but they got it running sweet ready to be cleaned up before it goes back in the car. (Photos copyright Steve Parsons)

Steve’s new 63 ghia project

20 Jun

Steve saw an advert for a 63 ghia project on volkszone and immediately messaged the seller to find out more. The Floor pan had been restored but the body needed a few bits of welding to finish it and then it all needed to be put back together. The price was right and the temptation was too high so he agreed to buy it and arranged transport for it to be collected from Scotland and delivered to his home in Redditch. Steve already has plans for the ghia and hopes to have it rolling before the 2012 show season is out. (Photos copyright RSVP)




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