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Making the RSVP Barbecue trophies

14 Sep

In the week leading up to the RSVP Barbecue 2012 Brett set about the task of making the trophies. A few ideas had been thrown around but a decision was made after a joking remark from a work colleague. “Are you going to cast your fist and make it like the RSVP logo?”. This was a great idea, so Brett got together the materials he needed to make this happen. First off he cast his hand in alginate three times to make the negative moulds and then filled them with plaster. This took it’s toll on his knuckles having to pull and squeeze his whole hand out of an opening the size of his wrist, but hey, it’s all for the cause. When the plaster was dry and taken out of the moulds they needed some finishing to get rid of some casting marks and air bubbles. These were carved away and filled and the ends were cut down and smoothed. For the bases some hard wood was cut to size and routed on the top edges and some steel bar was cut to size and lacquered. Brett then hand carved the letters into the fingers before drilling holes into the bases and fists and bonding them together. The finishing touches were some engraved plaques for the front. These were bonded on and the trophies were ready for the winners to take home. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)


















Brett finishes his ghia’s engine bay

30 Aug

After Brett had tidied up the engine and the firewall in his engine bay there was one job left to do. The engine bay deck needed painting. A morning of masking, prepping and painting later the engine bay was finished. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)













Brett freshens up his ghia’s dash

30 Aug

When Brett bought his ghia the dash had been painted satin black and it did not match the rest of the car. As most of the car and interior had been painted metallic brown at some point in it’s past, Brett decided he would paint the dash the same. He got a base coat paint match at his local auto paint shop and set to work prepping, painting and lacquering. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

Winning weekend for two RSVP ghias at Bug Jam 26

29 Aug

Two members of the RSVP walked away from Bug Jam 26 with trophies for their Karmann Ghias. On the Saturday Brett won ‘Best Other Air-Cooled’ in the Rust and Rat show and on the Sunday Dan won ‘Best Other Air-Cooled’ in the Show and Shine. Well done lads. (Photos copyright http://www.bugjam.co.uk)





Brett sorts his ghia’s leaking rear window

29 Aug

After a couple of wet VW shows Brett had noticed that the rear window in his ghia was not sealing properly and leaking through. As Bug Jam 26 was coming up and there was the possibility of rain that weekend he decided he needed to sort it out. Brett popped out the rear window and seal and noticed that the aperture wasn’t that clean which probably wasn’t helping create a great seal. He sanded down, rust treated, primed and painted the aperture ready for the window to go back in. Then with the help of the other RSVP boys refit the window ready for Bug Jam. With a partially wet cruise and a big downpour on the Friday at Bug Jam the seal was put to the test. Luckily all was good and all the leaks were cured. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)












Brett freshens up his ghia’s inner arches and lower front panel

21 Jun

After tidying up the engine bay on his ghia Brett decided the next area to get some attention should be the front inner arches which weren’t looking great. They had been under sealed in the past and this had chipped and flaked in places which not only looked bad but left water traps. All of this under seal was stripped off and the inner arches and inner wings were prepped and painted. Whilst the beam was out Brett gave this a coat of paint too. Seeing as the car was in the air he decided to sort out the lower front panel which needed a bit of work. There was some rot on the one side and some big cracks in the filler from a previous repair at some point in the car’s life. The rot was cut out and fresh metal welded in and all the old filler was dug out. The panel then got a skim of new filler and was prepped, painted and blended. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

The RSVP boys detail Gareth’s fuch

21 Jun

Gareth had converted his bus to porsche pattern brakes with the idea of eventually putting it on polished detailed fuch. He had been rolling it on teledials for a while when Paul decided to change the polished ssp fuch on his beetle for chrome. This meant there was a set of polished fuch up for grabs so Gareth did a deal with Paul to take them of his hands. After seeing Steve’s fuch that had been detailed by Brett, Steve and Paul he asked if they could detail his. So another night of detailing was arranged and Steve and Gareth joined Brett once again at his house, later joined by Paul, for another late night getting the job done. (Photos copyright RSVP)

The RSVP boys detail Steve’s Fuch

20 Jun

Steve’s 67 beetle was looking good rolling on ssp polished fuch but he decided they needed detailing to finish off the look he was going for. A night of detailing was organised and Steve and Paul joined Brett at his house to get the job done. The wheels were finished at 1.30 am, but after seeing the the finished product with the wheels back on Steve’s beetle the next day they knew the late night was worth it. (Photos copyright RSVP)















Brett freshens up his ghia’s engine bay

4 May

When Brett bought his ghia the engine bay didn’t look great with tatty firewall boards and metallic blue tinware. Now that the stance was sorted it was time to give a bit of attention to it and get it looking how he wanted. The engine was dropped out and cleaned up with some fresh paint for the tinware and manifold. The bay was cleaned and new firewall boards were put in. The engine then went back in and the wiring was sorted and re-routed. Below are some before and after shots. (Photos copyright RSVP)

Brett’s Ghia featured in Fast Car Magazine

29 Mar

Fast Car Magazine featured Brett’s 68 Karmann Ghia in their January 2012 issue. Click the link to see the online feature that followed it up on the Fast Car Magazine website. (Photos copyright Dom Romney / Fast Car Magazine)


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