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RSVP Barbecue 2012 video by Daniel Du Crôs

14 Sep

Check out this awesome video of the RSVP Barbecue 2012 filmed and edited by Daniel Du Crôs. Check out his photography work at http://www.danielducros.com

RSVP Barbecue 2012 trophy winners

14 Sep

At the RSVP Barbecue 2012 there were three trophies up for grabs. The categories were Furthest Travelled, Participants Choice and Raddest Ride. First trophy to be given out was for Furthest Travelled. This went to Matty Armstrong who travelled all the way from Chesterfield in his slammed 66 sunroof model beetle to be with us, a good 2 hours 15 minutes drive. Really appreciate the effort that went into coming to our meet Matty, Thank you. Second trophy to be given out was for Participants Choice. This was voted for by everyone who came to the meet. Each person was given a voting slip to name their favourite car and then the votes were counted to give us a winner. This went to Benjamin Coates and Rewth-Alicia Hyde-Lewis for their awesome oval window beetle. This car got a lot of attention throughout the day and it’s not surprising why with it’s detail, finish and stance, a well deserved winner. Congrats and thank you to both of you for coming. The final trophy of the day was for Raddest Ride. This was an extremely difficult decision for all of the RSVP boys. We went round all of the cars at the meet to choose our favourite, our main criteria being: Which car would we most like to put an RSVP sticker in the rear window. Loads of cool cars were there but after lots of discussion we came to the decision to award the trophy to Ed Kellas and his rad 66 type 3 fast back. This car has an awesome stance, some great patina and a nice original interior which all create a really cool ride. Congrats Ed and thanks for coming down. Thank you to everyone who bought their cars to the meet, the quality was incredible. Hope to see you all at the RSVP Barbecue 2013. Photos of the trophies and front on shots of the winning cars were taken by Danny Bullock / Bullymeister Photography. Check his work out at http://www.facebook.com/bullyphotography (Photos copyright Danny Bullock, David Hall and Steve Parsons)

RSVP Barbecue 2012

12 Sep

On Sunday 9 September RSVP held their annual air-cooled Volkswagen meet and barbecue. We got there early and began to set up ready for everyones arrival, unsure how many people were going to attend but hoping for a good number. The sun was out and it was on the cards to be a beautiful day. From 11.00 am people started to arrive and some awesome cars rolled up and started to fill out the large area of the Big Meadow in Bidford On Avon. By 1.00 pm everyone had arrived and we were blown away by both the number of people who had turned up and the quality of cars that they had come in, we lost count at around 50 cars and 100 people. The Barbecue was lit and once ready everyone took on the chefs role and cooked themselves some food. The atmosphere during the day was amazing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. At 4.30 pm everyone was called together for the trophy giving with some well deserved winners receiving trophies for Furthest Travelled, Participants Choice and Raddest Ride. Everyone of the RSVP had an awesome day but it couldn’t have been possible without all of the people who came along in their cars and made the day such a memorable one. A massive thank you to everyone for coming and we hope to see you at next years event. These awesome photos of the day were taken by David Hall. Check him out at http://www.davidhallphoto.com (photos copyright David Hall)


30 Aug

Check out the Bug Jam 26 television programme put together by Togethia Media. The crew from Togethia Media joined the RSVP, DTA and Ditch Dubbers on their cruise to Bug Jam 26 and some of the footage made the final cut. Watch it at 2:30 into the programme.

RSVP Barbecue

30 Aug

It’s that time of year again and RSVP invite you to join them at their annual air-cooled Volkswagen meet and barbecue. Come along in your air-cooled car/camper/bus with your family and friends and enjoy a relaxed day of Volkswagens with a friendly atmosphere. Bring along some meat to throw on the barbecue and beverages of your choice to wash it down. Sunday 9 September 2012 at 11:00 am down by the river at The Big Meadow, Bidford On Avon. Warwickshire. B50. See you there.

Colin sells his fasty

30 Aug

It was a sad day at RSVP when Colin finally decided to let the fasty go. The new owner had requested it to be raised slightly and to be put back onto 17″ fuch. He shipped a set to colin for him to fit. It’s a shame that such a cool car has had to leave the RSVP line up but it is all for a good cause. Colin is now on the look out for something very early, right hand drive and of the split bus variety. We’ll let you know what he finds. (Photos copyright Paul Pace)

RSVP at Bug Jam 26

29 Aug

RSVP joined up with their good friends the DTA and Ditch Dubbers to fill a large club camping plot at Bug Jam 26. An awesome weekend was had by all and after a wet start to the Friday, the sun came out and stayed for the rest of the weekend. This helped everyone join in the fun of celebrating Colin’s stag do on the saturday evening and creating some awesome memories. The show was made even better for the RSVP with Brett and Dan walking away with trophies and Brett and Paul walking away with the prospects of Volks World features for their cars. Volkswagens, sun and good friends, what more could you ask for? (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

RSVP, DTA and Ditch Dubbers cruise to Bug Jam 26

29 Aug

On the morning of Friday 20 July RSVP met up with their good friends the DTA and Ditch Dubbers to cruise up to Bug Jam 26. Joining them at their meeting point was a camera crew from Togethia Media who were filming their cruise for a section of the Bug Jam 26 Television programme. A little set back with a quickly fixed break down delayed their set off but everyone was soon cruising in convoy on their way to Santa Pod Race Way. After a couple of short stops, a huge downpour of rain and a two hour queue to get in, all arrived safe and parked up in the club camping spot ready to enjoy the weekend ahead. (Photos copyright Paul Pace)

Colin’s fasty gets new wheels

28 Aug

Colin had been struggling to find a set of wheels he loved on his fasty since he had owned it. He had been through several sets of wheels from ercos to fuch even going for 17″ fuch for quite some time. Just before the Volks World show in March he had decided to go back to 15″ and with the help of Brett and Paul detailed a set of chrome fuch. The fasty looked great but Colin still wasn’t happy with the look. In early July he made a decision to go back to 4 stud instead of porsche pattern when he held up one of Paul’s 2 litres next to his wheel arch. 2 litres were the wheel of choice but he wanted to do something different. He didn’t want the usual detailed or fully polished look, he wanted to do something different that no one had done before. After an evening of chatting whilst working on Paul’s beetle with the other RSVP boys Colin came up with the idea of having a polished rim and a cast sort of finish centre. A plan of action was then put into place and Colin started on his quest to source a set of good quality 2 litres. A set of fairly new american eagle 2 litres came up for sale and he struck the deal and went to collect them. The already polished rims were then heavily masked up and Colin and Brett took them over to Brett’s dad’s yard. There they set up a make shift booth and Brett sand blasted the centres to achieve the cast like finish. Colin was stoked with the result and quickly swapped the brakes over to 4 stud and got the wheels fitted ready to roll to Bug Jam 26. The fasty had never looked better. (Photos copyright RSVP)

Slamwerks Open Day

21 Jun

On Sunday May 27 2012 the RSVP and our good friends the DTA met up to cruise up to the Slamwerks workshop in Derby for their open day. The Slamwerks boys had their workshop open for people to look around and displayed their current and future projects. The sun was shining and loads of cool cars, buses and people turned up to make it a really enjoyable event. Whilst we were there Paul picked up his custom 7″ balljoint beam for his late beetle project. A big shout out and thank you to the guys at Slamwerks for putting on an awesome day and we look forward to next years. Check out Slamwerks at http://www.slamwerks.co.uk (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

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