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Making the RSVP Barbecue trophies

14 Sep

In the week leading up to the RSVP Barbecue 2012 Brett set about the task of making the trophies. A few ideas had been thrown around but a decision was made after a joking remark from a work colleague. “Are you going to cast your fist and make it like the RSVP logo?”. This was a great idea, so Brett got together the materials he needed to make this happen. First off he cast his hand in alginate three times to make the negative moulds and then filled them with plaster. This took it’s toll on his knuckles having to pull and squeeze his whole hand out of an opening the size of his wrist, but hey, it’s all for the cause. When the plaster was dry and taken out of the moulds they needed some finishing to get rid of some casting marks and air bubbles. These were carved away and filled and the ends were cut down and smoothed. For the bases some hard wood was cut to size and routed on the top edges and some steel bar was cut to size and lacquered. Brett then hand carved the letters into the fingers before drilling holes into the bases and fists and bonding them together. The finishing touches were some engraved plaques for the front. These were bonded on and the trophies were ready for the winners to take home. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)


















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