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30 Aug

Check out the Bug Jam 26 television programme put together by Togethia Media. The crew from Togethia Media joined the RSVP, DTA and Ditch Dubbers on their cruise to Bug Jam 26 and some of the footage made the final cut. Watch it at 2:30 into the programme.


RSVP, DTA and Ditch Dubbers cruise to Bug Jam 26

29 Aug

On the morning of Friday 20 July RSVP met up with their good friends the DTA and Ditch Dubbers to cruise up to Bug Jam 26. Joining them at their meeting point was a camera crew from Togethia Media who were filming their cruise for a section of the Bug Jam 26 Television programme. A little set back with a quickly fixed break down delayed their set off but everyone was soon cruising in convoy on their way to Santa Pod Race Way. After a couple of short stops, a huge downpour of rain and a two hour queue to get in, all arrived safe and parked up in the club camping spot ready to enjoy the weekend ahead. (Photos copyright Paul Pace)

DTA’s awesome razor edge ghia

4 May

Massive props need to be given to our good friends Si, Mike and Jess from the DTA. In four weeks they managed to turn this razor edge ghia that was a pile of parts sat in a lockup needing a lot of work into a show winner at Big Bang 2012, winning best other air-cooled in the rust and rat show. Everything about it was right from the awesome patina to the wheel choice and killer stance. And to top it off Mike’s 56 panel van also won best bus. Well done guys! (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)

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