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Colin’s fasty gets new wheels

28 Aug

Colin had been struggling to find a set of wheels he loved on his fasty since he had owned it. He had been through several sets of wheels from ercos to fuch even going for 17″ fuch for quite some time. Just before the Volks World show in March he had decided to go back to 15″ and with the help of Brett and Paul detailed a set of chrome fuch. The fasty looked great but Colin still wasn’t happy with the look. In early July he made a decision to go back to 4 stud instead of porsche pattern when he held up one of Paul’s 2 litres next to his wheel arch. 2 litres were the wheel of choice but he wanted to do something different. He didn’t want the usual detailed or fully polished look, he wanted to do something different that no one had done before. After an evening of chatting whilst working on Paul’s beetle with the other RSVP boys Colin came up with the idea of having a polished rim and a cast sort of finish centre. A plan of action was then put into place and Colin started on his quest to source a set of good quality 2 litres. A set of fairly new american eagle 2 litres came up for sale and he struck the deal and went to collect them. The already polished rims were then heavily masked up and Colin and Brett took them over to Brett’s dad’s yard. There they set up a make shift booth and Brett sand blasted the centres to achieve the cast like finish. Colin was stoked with the result and quickly swapped the brakes over to 4 stud and got the wheels fitted ready to roll to Bug Jam 26. The fasty had never looked better. (Photos copyright RSVP)


The RSVP boys detail Gareth’s fuch

21 Jun

Gareth had converted his bus to porsche pattern brakes with the idea of eventually putting it on polished detailed fuch. He had been rolling it on teledials for a while when Paul decided to change the polished ssp fuch on his beetle for chrome. This meant there was a set of polished fuch up for grabs so Gareth did a deal with Paul to take them of his hands. After seeing Steve’s fuch that had been detailed by Brett, Steve and Paul he asked if they could detail his. So another night of detailing was arranged and Steve and Gareth joined Brett once again at his house, later joined by Paul, for another late night getting the job done. (Photos copyright RSVP)

The RSVP boys detail Steve’s Fuch

20 Jun

Steve’s 67 beetle was looking good rolling on ssp polished fuch but he decided they needed detailing to finish off the look he was going for. A night of detailing was organised and Steve and Paul joined Brett at his house to get the job done. The wheels were finished at 1.30 am, but after seeing the the finished product with the wheels back on Steve’s beetle the next day they knew the late night was worth it. (Photos copyright RSVP)















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