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RSVP Barbecue 2012 video by Daniel Du Crôs

14 Sep

Check out this awesome video of the RSVP Barbecue 2012 filmed and edited by Daniel Du Crôs. Check out his photography work at http://www.danielducros.com

Brett sorts his ghia’s leaking rear window

29 Aug

After a couple of wet VW shows Brett had noticed that the rear window in his ghia was not sealing properly and leaking through. As Bug Jam 26 was coming up and there was the possibility of rain that weekend he decided he needed to sort it out. Brett popped out the rear window and seal and noticed that the aperture wasn’t that clean which probably wasn’t helping create a great seal. He sanded down, rust treated, primed and painted the aperture ready for the window to go back in. Then with the help of the other RSVP boys refit the window ready for Bug Jam. With a partially wet cruise and a big downpour on the Friday at Bug Jam the seal was put to the test. Luckily all was good and all the leaks were cured. (Photos copyright Brett Elesmore)












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